Software designed to optimise your workflow

What is Titanium™?

Titanium™ is industry leading software that has been designed with the user in mind. Compatible with Windows 10, the easy-to-use interface allows users to start builds quickly and monitor throughout the building process. Software updates are driven by customer suggestions and feedback, providing a system that is optimised for customers and their applications.

What can you do with Titanium™?

Titanium™ has been carefully designed with both the user and department manager in mind. Many options are user-definable as defaults, enabling simple click-and-print operation. Automated communications assist department efficiency and field service response. Part traceability and hardware utilisation is facilitated by excellent reporting capability.

Titanium™ software key benefits

Range of build options and features

  • Build validation
  • Build time estimator
  • Material usage estimator
  • On-the-fly parameter adjustment and part deletion
  • Enhanced upper surface and border definition
  • Bubble remover with automated option
  • Scheduled start

Build status notification emails

Build progress emails can be sent to users at any point during a build. This assists department efficiency optimising machine utilisation. Titanium can also be configured so users can receive emails for: Build Start, Pause, Completion or Alert Progress.

On board camera

Each Neo® system is installed with a built-in camera, offering users the potential to keep track of builds remotely, at any stage.

Industry 4.0

The Neo® stereolithography system range can be integrated into an Industry 4.0 system. Integration is available through multiple mechanisms including a RESTful API and shared file access. The data provided includes progress details of the current build. Neo® uses industry standard formats (e.g. XML). The RESTful API supplies the data using JSON. RPS is open to work with customers in developing the remote access interface and RESTful API to provide additional functionality.

‡ Internet connection is required for full or partial functionality.

Reporting tools and export

Titanium features a range of reporting tools and dashboards to help users capture build history, parameter detail, hardware usage and part traceability data. This data can assist operators and managers to analyse utilisation of the Neo to help meet business objectives. Using Titanium, data is easily accessed with a click of a button and can be exported as a formatted Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet, via email or to a USB drive. Data can cover a range of timeframes and builds including:

  • Build reports
  • Monthly / Yearly / Custom period reports

Part traceability and hardware utilisation

In many industries part traceability is paramount. With Titanium™ software, parts are easily traced to a build with all parameters recorded. A complete insight on hardware usage hours can be easily obtained to determine hardware productivity.