Titanium™ Assistant

The companion application to the Neo® Titanium™ software.

What is Titanium™ Assistant?

Titanium Assistant is a standalone software application that allows operators to preview build files, schedule planning and prepare builds on multiple Neo systems from any PC on a network.

Designed to optimise workflow, Titanium Assistant can run on a local workstation offering users remote access to operational alerts and status of multiple Neo printers utilised within a facility.

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Once slice files are available, this function allows the user to alter the parameters of a build, remotely.


Titanium Assistant will analyse and validate each build before printing. Users can also preview and check the integrity of the slice file, quickly and easily.


Obtain independent build time estimates prior to sending files to a Neo. This assists operators with build scheduling and maximises machine utilisation.


Effortlessly transfer your build files with all parameters to a specific Neo platform remotely. No need to move build files manually using memory sticks, increasing productivity.