Approachable interface

The intuitive NEO800 Titanium software is designed to work with Windows 10 Pro.  The easy-to-use interface allows users to start builds rapidly and monitor throughout the building process.  Software updates are driven by customer suggestions and feedback, providing a system that is optimised for customers and their applications.

Pre-Build Features and Options

  • Build validation
  • Standard or high-definition build style
  • Open build parameters enabling any material to be processed
  • Pre-set recoat styles, with user-definable option
  • Bubble remover and user-definable or automated options
  • Build time estimator
  • Stir function (user definable)

In-Build Features

  • Ability to change recoating build styles mid-build
  • Ability to change part build styles mid-build
  • Ability to delete parts and supports mid-build
  • Built-in camera

Post-Build Features

  • Part traceability
  • Build history log: Part name(s), parameters, build time etc.
  • Machine utilisation log

For build preparation, the NEO800 requires SLC format files.  There are various vendors available however we recommend Materialise Magics RP, SG  and Slice Modules.