Neo® product range

Print prototypes, rapid tooling and master patterns with the state-of-the-art Neo® Stereolithography 3D printer range.

British designed and manufactured by RPS engineers, the reliable and proven Neo® 3D printer builds high-quality parts with superior surface quality, accuracy and detail

An affordable industrial grade 3D printer producing small to medium parts with consistent accuracy and repeatability.

  • Produce complex industrial grade quality prototypes, tooling or master patterns. Build parts with accurate detail and outstanding sidewall quality.
  • Dependable and reliable, the Neo®450e is designed for non-stop printing of industrial production parts. Dynamic laser beam technology ensures highly-accurate laser beam positioning with outstanding layer resolution.
  • Intuitive Titanium™ software helps you capture build history, parameter detail and part traceability data for further insight and reporting.
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Producing superior quality parts, the Neo®450s is up to 40% faster than the Neo®450e and offers standard and high definition build modes.††

  • Faster part production of quality, accurate, industrial grade prototypes, master patterns and tooling with superior surface finish and detail.
  • One machine with multiple build modes reduces the need to operate many SL systems with different functions, reducing costs and space.
  • The Neo®450s variable laser beam technology allows you to rapidly build SD or produce fine resolution HD parts with intricate, small detailed designs.††§
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Large-format stereolithography printer, producing large parts with superior surface quality, accuracy and detail.

  • Large 3D resin printer that can print large parts with outstanding surface finish on the 800 × 800 × 600 mm build platform
  • Produce large parts without the need for sectioning or build multiple parts in one build saving time and costs
  • Integrated UPS system allows for uninterrupted build time, for greater peace of mind.
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§ 100μm layer parameters are supplied for RPS certified materials. Parameters for alternative thicknesses may be available. Layer thickness range is material dependant. Contact RPS for more detail. †† Features may vary depending on Neo model specification.

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