Neo® accessories

A range of Neo® accessories are available for the Neo800 for an end-to-end 3D printing solution.

Neo® Offload Trolley

Conveniently pick up and unload the Neo800® platform and parts up to 40kg in weight with the Neo® Offload Trolley. Easily adjustable and adaptable to suit any washbasin, the Neo® Offload Trolley is the perfect addition for a complete 3D printing solution.

Neo® UV800

Printed parts need to undergo a final post cure process. The UV800 is designed to fulfil this requirement with high intensity UV lamps and turntable. Exposure processing times are controlled via a dedicated PLC with HMI screen.

The lower half of the UV800 is a heated resin store, maintaining resin at VAT temperature. This avoids any significant temperature changes when refilling a vat.

Neo® Material Development Kit

Create new and innovative materials for a variety of applications with the Neo Material Development Kit. To be used in conjunction with the Neo800, develop materials with ease using the range of equipment and software provided for each stage of the process.

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